NEET 2023 preparation tips

  • Begin with Biology and one other subject simultaneously. Start studying the strongest topics with the most weightage. This way you will cover more topics in less time.

  • Read NCERT line by line. Mark important facts with a highlighter and make notes simultaneously. After completing NCERT, start reading extra study material available in the form of books, and preparation websites. Also, make notes from these references.

  • For Biology, learn diagrams by heart to understand a topic. Pictures help you retain the information more effectively. Diagrams are an important factor for NEET 2023 preparation.

  • For physics, solve as many questions as you can. Additionally, create a chapter-wise formula sheet that comprises all formulas and laws discussed in the chapter.

  • For chemistry, learn diagrams and chemical equations by heart. After completing every chapter, create a sheet for chemical equations and formulas to be used in solving the questions.

NEET 2023 timetable

Making a study plan or timetable is easy but its execution is what requires strength for NEET 2023 preparation. Know your most effective hours and start your NEET 2023 preparation in those hours. In order to prepare for NEET 2023, aspirants can follow the below-mentioned timetable which is prepared by the Subject Matter Expert.

Divide the day into 4 parts for NEET 2023 preparation.

Session 1: 3 – 3.5 hours

  • This session should be of Physics and Chemistry subject

  • Theory, Sums, Formulae everything should be given equal importance

  • Do not read the entire chapter at once

  • Solve it subject topic wise

  • Make notes as and when required

Session 2: 2 hours

  • This session should be of Botany or Zoology

  • Theory and questions both should be done

  • Refer to two books for theory

  • One is NCERT and other books can be Trueman or Pradeep’s

  • Make useful notes

Session 3: 3 hours

  • Repeat the questions of session 1

  • Try to solve more questions related to the topic you have studied

Session 4: 2 hours

  • Again go for Biology

  • Keep this session light

  • Read NCERT

  • Plan for the next day