Our Crown Faculty

A true guide can take you anywhere

Most-in-demand crop of faculty is Horizon prized possession. The selection of the same is made through an intense and multi stage testing process seeking to maintain the best standard of teaching. Only eminent faculty who has a proven track record of producing ranks, are inducted in the chain.

Well known authors in their respective subjects, Horizon’s faculty members are Gurus in real sense with MBBS, M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees, they are well versed with the examination patterns, and are also aware of the required amount of preparation for several Engg. / Medical entrance tests.

With their expertise and Experience, they simplify the subject matter completely. It does make both the preparation easy and the learning process a fun to the students. Despite their brilliance and much in demand status, teachers are too friendly with students, and that is how Horizon produces maximum selection every year.

They never let their high profile come in between while interacting with students. Their shoulder to shoulder contribution to Horizon backs up the value driven objective and credibility of Horizon.