After 12th in Pure Science/ CS About Degree/College in Pure Science/ Computer Science

Career Options for Pure Science

Pure science is promising as we need it in our day to day life. There is a lot of scope in the field of science. Student can opt any subject in science such as Physics,Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics etc.

Pure Science, be it natural, physical or mathematical is the backbone for research and development. There has been a wide opportunities offered in education and career. Excellent undergraduate and integrated (undergraduate + masters) courses in various streams of science are offered by very prestigious and established educational institutions in India, such as IITs, NITs, BITS, IISc, IISERs, to name a few.

Graduates in Pure Science have multiple options. Some of them are as follows:

  1. After the completion of the course one can go for higher studies
  2. Since pure Science is gaining popularity educational institutions are offering placements in their institutions/universities
  3. If you have inclination for research you can pursue research in the related field. There is huge demand for pure science students in the west in the research arena
  4. Pure Science opens up plenty of opportunities in the fields of state and central research organisation.
  5. They can also work for public sector undertaking, which has huge demand in the recent years
  6. One can also join public and private sectors



A graduation in physics enables you to join research-based roles and positions in other sciences, it is also useful for careers in business, finance, IT and engineering.

Career options directly based on the degree:

  1. Geophysicist/field seismologist
  2. Higher education lecturer
  3. Metallurgist
  4. Radiation protection practitioner
  5. Research scientist (physical sciences)
  6. Seismic interpreter
  7. Secondary school teacher

Industries employing physicists are:

  1. Aerospace and Defence
  2. Education
  3. Energy
  4. Engineering
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Manufacturing
  7. Oil and gas
  8. Science and telecommunications.



A degree in Mathematics helps you develop skills in logical thinking and statistical or strategic knowledge, which are considered with utmost value by the employers across many job sectors

Career options based on the degree :

  1. Operational researcher
  2. Research scientist (maths)
  3. Secondary school teacher
  4. Statistician

Other career options:

  1. Aerospace engineer
  2. Chartered accountant
  3. Corporate investment banker
  4. Insurance underwriter
  5. Investment analyst
  6. Meteorologist
  7. Quantity surveyor
  8. Software tester
  9. Banking;
  10. The civil service;
  11. Financial services;
  12. Consulting;
  13. Retail
  14. Computing



Chemistry opens up many careers options.The analytical skills you gained in chemistry are helpful at professional level. Chemistry graduates are offered placements in the chemical and related industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, toiletries, plastics and polymers. Besides this, they can also join food and drink industry, utilities and research, health and medical organisations and scientific research organisations and agencies.

Career options based on the degree :

  1. Analytical chemist
  2. Chemical engineer
  3. Healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry
  4. Forensic scientist
  5. Pharmacologist
  6. Research scientist (physical sciences)
  7. Toxicologist

Other career options:

  1. Chartered certified accountant
  2. Environmental consultant
  3. Higher education lecturer
  4. Patent attorney
  5. Science writer
  6. Secondary school teacher



Biology degree has a natural fit with the science and health sectors and provides wide-ranging skills including communication and problem solving.

Career options based on the degree:

  1. Higher education lecturer
  2. Microbiologist
  3. Nature conservation officer
  4. Pharmacologist
  5. Research scientist (life sciences)
  6. Research scientist (medical)
  7. Secondary school teacher
  8. Soil scientist

Other career options:

  1. General practice doctor
  2. Health promotion specialist
  3. Science writer

Graduates in Biology are also recruited in the following fields :

  1. Universities and clinical research organisations
  2. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies
  3. Private hospitals and NHS trusts
  4. National and global health and environmental charities
  5. Scientific and technical consultancies
  6. Schools and colleges
  7. Outreach organisations, such as museums, science centers and broadcast companies
  8. Many biology graduates pursue opportunities outside the science and health sectors in industries such as business, finance, marketing, education and sales


Computer Science Engineering

  • Computer Science Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, implementation, management of information systems of both software and hardware processes. A computer Science Engineering student specializes in the theory of computation and the design of computational systems. The engineers are mainly involved in the development of the software and hardware systems of the various aspects of computing.

Best Colleges/Universities:

  1. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kanpur.
  2. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Kharagpur.
  3. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Bombay.
  4. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Madras.
  5. Indian Institute of Technology IIT Delhi.
  6. BIT, Mesra.
  7. NIT- National Institute of Technology Trichy.
  8. Delhi College of Engineering , Delhi.
  9. BITS Pilani.
  10. IIT Roorkee.
  11. IT-BHU.
  12. IIT-Guwahati.
  13. College of Engineering , Anna University, Guindy.
  14. Jadavpur University , Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Calcutta.
  15. Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.
  16. NIT- National Institute of Technology Warangal.

Careers after completing this course:

  1. Computer Programmer.
  2. Systems Analyst.
  3. Software Developer.
  4. Hardware Engineer.
  5. System Engineer.
  6. System Designer.
  7. Networking Engineer.
  8. Database Administrator.
  9. Web Developer.
  10. E-commerce Specialist.
  11. Courses after completing this course:
  12. Masters In Computer Science Engineering.