Free Study Material (IIT-JEE/NEET)

Maths Physics
Linear ProgrammingWork, Power And Energy
Numerical MethodWave Optics
Dynamics Wave Motion
Statics Valve Electronic + Digital Electronic
Correlation and Regression Unit Dimensions And Measurement
Measures of Central Tendency Transmission of Heat
Probability Thermal Expansion
Hyperbolic Function Gravitation
Inverse of Triangle Heating & Chemical Effect of Current
Height & Distance Kinetic Theory of Gases
Trigonometric PropertiesMagnetic Effect of Current
Trigonometric EquationMagnetism
Trigonometry Ratio Mathematics in Physics
Three D Motion in One Dimension
Vector Motion in Two Dimension
HyperbolaNewton Law Of Motion
Ellipse Nuclear Physics
ParabolaOptical Instrument
Circle Photometry
Pair of Straight Line Reflection of Light
Straight Line Refraction of Light
R.C.C.Rotational Motion
Binary Solid and Semiconductor
Determinant Surface Tension
Matrix Atomic Structure
Exponential Current Electricity
Mathematical Induction Elasticity
Binomial TheoremElectromagnetic Induction
Permutation Electromagnetic Waves
Quadratic EquationElectron, Photon And X-Ray
Sequence And SeriesElectrostatics + Capacitance
Complex NumberFluid Mechanics
Indices Alternating Current
Differential Equation
Area Under Curve
Definite Integral
Indefinite Integral
Chemistry Biology
Purification Part-2 Cell Biology Part-1
Redox-Reaction Cell Biology Part-2
Solid State Cell Biology Part-5
Solution Classification 1
Surface Chemistry Classification-2
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Classification-3
Nuclear Chemistry Classification-4
Periodic Classification Of Elements And Periodic Properties CONTENTS-Classification
Polymers Theory Description Of Angiospermic Families
N Compounds Part-I Embryology Final
N Compounds Part 2 Environmental Biology Theory Part-I
Hydroxy Compounds & Ethers Part-III Environmental Biology Theory Part-II
Hydroxy Compounds & Ethers Part-II Enzyme
Hydroxy Compounds & Ethers Part-I Genetics 1
Halogen Derivatives Part-2 Genetics 2
Gaseous State Growth And Growth Hormones Part-I
General Principles of Extraction of Metals Application Of Botany
Chemistry in Action
Chemical Kinetics
Halogen Derivatives Part-1
CHE-4- D & F Block Elements-Part-I-(Eng)
CHE-6-Chemical Analysis-Part-I
Chemical Bonding
Chemical Equilibrium
CHE-5-Co-Ordinaton Chemistry And Organometallics Part-I-(Eng)
CHE-3 S & P Block Elements-Part-III-(Eng)
CHE-3 S & P Block Elements-Part-I-(Eng)
CH3- S And P Block Elements Part 2
Carboxylic Acids Part 2
Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives-I
Carboxylic Acids & Their Derivatives-III
Biomolecules Part-II
Biomolecules Part-1
Atoms Molecule And Chemical Arithmetic
Atomic Structure