Merchant Navy

It is an amazing fact that almost 95% of the world trade happens not by the way of air or road but by the way of sea. This is how important sea is for trade. And you will also be astonished to know that a ship vessel that is used for facilitating trade costs approximately $ 5 million – $ 100 Million. Such exorbitantly expensive fleet of vessels requires the care and management of qualified deck officers, engineers for ensuring  that the ship is in its top condition. This is where the role of a merchant navy officer comes in handy.

In most  simple  terms, merchant navy is a non-combatant commercial fleet. They are responsible for ensuring an easy and swift delivery o goods in large quantity  and passengers sporadically by way of ships, vessels, tankers, carriers, cargo liners.

Personality Traits-

Having a tough physical as well as a strong inner self is a must. Merchant navy professionals have to stay on a ship, far away from the world and their family members for almost 6-7 months at a stretch. Therefore to keep-up with the stringent physical and mental conditions is a must. For aspirants who wish to enter merchant navy have to be intelligent and flexible so as to be able to deal with varying problems on the commercial vessel. Being sporty and adventurous will help candidates have fun during the journey. A merchant navy professional also has to be a good team player and should have the ability to get along with their co-workers easily.


Aspirants can join Merchant Navy after class 12th and complete various degree and diploma programs in Nautical and marine engineering. Aspirants who wish to enter merchant navy have to compulsorily take physics, chemistry and mathematics at their +2 level. students can also join this field after class X by pursuing and qualifying a presea course.

Career Opportunities-

Career in Merchant Navy can be extremely rewarding for hard-working young professionals. After completing Nautical and marine engineering, aspirants can join various jobs and positions, depending on their caliber and interest.

Professionals can join as –

  • Deck officers : Deck officers are responsible to help navigate the ship from one shore to another. Deck officers have to practice caution and safety and ensure that the slip is operated and handled in the best possible manner.
  • Marine Engineer : Marine Engineers are responsible for all the engineering system on board. Marine Engineers have to operate and control all the engineering works, electrical systems and network and ensure that the vessel is always functioning and staying in best of its condition.



The starting salary of a fresher who enters the merchant navy profession as junior marine engineer gets approximately Rs 50,000 – Rs 75,000 per month. With good work and after clearing a few exams, merchant navy professionals can get promotion within no time, and sometimes within a year and can almost double up their salary packages at astounding pace.




List of Institutes for undergrad and post-grad courses in India


Name of Institute                                                                                                            Website

Tolani Maritime Institute (TMI)                                                                           

Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies                                                            

International Maritime Institute (IMI)                                                                

Vels Academy of Maritime Studies                                                                     

Maharashtra Academy of 5th Naval Education and Training                        

Institute of Technology & Marine Engineering                                                

B.P. Marine Academy