CBSE 2019: How to score over 90% in Class 10 Science?

Tips to score 90%+ in CBSE Class-10 Science

For CBSE Class 10 students, Science is one of the main subjects, but many of them find it difficult as the subject involves vast syllabus and a lot of concepts.

However, students can score good marks in Science with a thorough understanding of concepts and right preparation.

Here are 5 tips to score over 90% in Class 10 Science board exam.

Know the entire syllabus and latest exam pattern
#1 Know the entire syllabus and latest exam pattern

CBSE Class 10 Science consists of three sub-subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Students need to have a clear understanding about the syllabus, all the topics and concepts involved, the marking scheme, and the weightage distribution.

They should also know the latest exam pattern and questioning trends of the subject to decide how much time they should dedicate to each topic.


#2 Prepare a solid preparation strategy, don’t ignore any topic

As Science involves a huge syllabus, preparing for physics, chemistry, and biology separately is recommended.

Students must plan their preparation properly, covering all the three sub-subjects. They should create a solid study plan and adhere to it.

They should set daily, weekly, and monthly targets to cover/revise all the topics. They should first focus on prescribed NCERT books before going through advanced reference books.


#3: Maintain a separate book for formulae, equations, biological terms

Students should note down important formulae, equations, experiments, derivations, or biological terms chapter-wise and maintain a separate notebook for quick revision. They should also prepare important notes or summaries of all chapters and keep them handy for quick reference.

Practice numerical questions, equations, diagrams; solve sample question papers
#4 Practice numerical questions, equations, diagrams; solve sample question papers

Students should revise all the chapters regularly. They must practice solving numerical problems in physics and focus on the formulae they are applying to understand the concepts behind them.

They should practice balanced chemical equations in chemistry, and for biology, they should practice diagrams and label them correctly.

Students should solve previous question papers, sample papers, and take mock tests in a time-bound manner.


#5: It’s important to analyze performance regularly

While revising concepts or practicing question papers, students should identify their weak areas on which they need to focus more in order to perform better. If they have any doubts or difficulty, students must approach their teachers or peers to get them cleared.


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Updated– 23 Dec 2018