Books for JEE Advanced 2019 (Physics)

S.NOAuthors /PublisherName of Books
1H.C. VermaConcepts of Physics Vol I and II
2I.E. IrodovProblems in General Physics
3Halliday, Resnick & WalkerFundamentals of Physics
4S S KrotovAptitude Test Problems in Physics
5Nelkon and Parker Advance Physics
6S.L. LoneyDynamics of a Particle & of Rigid Bodies
7V. Zubov & V. ShalnovProblem in Physics
8A. A PinskyProblems in physics
9 S. L LoneyElements of Dynamics Part I & II
10 TiplerPhysics Vols I & II
11R. P. FeynmanFeynman Lectures on Physics
12R. P. FeynmanThe Feynman Lectures on Physics vols 1 & 2
13 L. A. SenaA Collection of Questions and Problems in Physics
14Chen, MinPhysics Problems with Solutions
15Sears and ZemanskyUniversity Physics

Note: In Physics, use NCERT Physics for 11th and 12th and Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by HC Verma as text books. For problem exercises, check out HC Verma Physics book and I. E. Irodov book. Use all other books for reference only.