Books for JEE Advanced 2019 (Maths)

S.NOAuthors /PublisherName of Books
1R.D. SharmaMaths XI & XII
2Hall Knight Higher Algebra
3I.A. MaronProblems in Calculus of One Variable
4Arihant PrakashanAlgebra
5Arihant PrakashanDifferential Calculus
6Arihant PrakashanIntegral Calculus
7S.L. LoneyPlane Trigonometry Part 1
8S. L. LoneyPlane Co-ordinate Geometry
9Hall and KnightHigher Algebra
10Shanti NarayanVector
11W. FellerIntroduction Probability & Its Applications
12Arihant PrakshanVector and 3D Geometry
13Tata McGraw Hill (TMH)Mathematics
14 I.A. MaronProblems in Calculus of One Variable
15J. EdwardCalculus
16 R. S. Agarwal Maths XI and XII
17V. Govorov, P. Dybov, N. Miroshin and S. Smirnova Problems in Mathematics
18Barnard and ChildHigher Algebra
19Dr. Gorakh Prasad Co-ordinate Geometry
20 K.P. BasuAlgebra made easy
21Patapov, DoroFeevElementary Maths
23G. N. Berman A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis
24Tata Mc Graw HillComplete Course IIT Mathematics
25A DasguptaIIT Mathematics Plus

Note: Use NCERT Maths for 11th and 12, R. S. Agarwal Maths books and S. L. Loney books as textbooks and use the rest for reference as required.