More than 50% Selection rate ( in GOV. Colleges ) since 2002
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IIT - JEE / NEET Coaching Classes "Better than Kota"Lowest Fees - Highest Selections

IIT - JEE / NEETBest Coaching Achiever's Award 2017

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Preparation of IIT-JEE / NEET along with school

Some student think that after completing their schooling they will prepare for IIT-JEE/NEET. If such a thing happens to you it means you are committing a blunder because till schooling is over the students who are preparing for HT-JEE/NEET along with school will be far ahead of your. Also you will have only one chance to appear in IIT-JEE/NEET after schooling according to the rule ofHT-JEE/NEET.

It is a total misconception that preparation for IIT-JEE/NEET and schooling can not go together. In fact preparation of IIT-JEE/NEET makes your concepts clear and enriches the command in the subjects which ultimately helps you in your school exams to score good marks. Therefore without wasting time start preparing for HT-JEE/NEET and achieve good rank in IIT-JEE/NEET and good score in school exams as well.

Horizon Boards: Value for money

  • Complete CBSE preparation for XI & XII - Science Stream with English and optional subject.
  • Best Faculty: llTians, Ex-IIT Professors, Doctors & Ph.D. holders with years of experience in Engineering & Medical domain
  • Excellent Study Material: Comprehensive and concise study material as per latest Engineering & Medical Entrance Exams
  • Rigorous Testing: Assessment system (monthly & weekly) with detailed performance analysis
  • Small Batch Size: With lowest students teacher ratio
  • Individual Attention: Every student separately with doubt-solving sessions.
  • Video Lab: The only institute that provides video classes on all topics by the best professors of India.
  • Effective Time & Stress Management: Special sessions on effective time management & stress management.
  • Topic-Wise Tests: After completion of each topic, followed by revision lectures with regular feedback system
  • Hostel Facility: Available for outstation students
  • High Level of Competition: Opportunity to compete with brilliant students who are respective school top rankers of the most teputed schools across the country.

Our Past Performance Since 2002

200340 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 6 Selections
  • AIEEE: 8 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 20 Selections
  • Others: 6 Selections

200457 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 7 Selections
  • AIEEE: 19 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 27 Selections
  • Others: 4 Selections

200572 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 9 Selections
  • AIEEE: 30 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 30 Selections
  • Others: 3 Selections

200697 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 11 Selections
  • AIEEE: 40 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 38 Selections
  • Others: 8 Selections

2007113 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 13 Selections
  • AIEEE: 48 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 42 Selections
  • Others: 10 Selections

2008156 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 15 Selections
  • AIEEE: 48 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 72 Selections
  • Others: 21 Selections

2009182 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 13 Selections
  • AIEEE: 54 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 93 Selections
  • Others: 22 Selections

2010204 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 15 Selections
  • AIEEE: 62 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 107 Selections
  • Others: 20 Selections

2011229 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 17 Selections
  • AIEEE: 77 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 112 Selections
  • Others: 23 Selections

2012245 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 82 Selections
  • AIEEE: 19 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 125 Selections
  • Others: 19 Selections

2013263 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 54 Selections
  • AIEEE: 5 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 162 Selections
  • Others: 21 Selections

2014271 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 67 Selections
  • AIEEE: 10 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 171 Selections
  • Others: 23 Selections

2015298 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 72 Selections
  • AIEEE: 9 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 195 Selections
  • Others: 22 Selections

2016272 Students selected in Govt. Colleges

  • IIT-JEE: 78 Selections
  • AIEEE: 13 Selections
  • UPSEAT: 72 Selections
  • Others: 9 Selections


  • JEE (main): 51% Selections
  • JEE (Advance): 11 Selections
  • NEET: 14 Selections

JEE (MAIN) - 2016 Result78 selection out of 167 students

Horizon students with Director Ankur Kabra

Our landmarks 2015

Courses forIIT-JEE(Main & Advanced)/NEET Exams


Two Years Foundation Course for IIT-JEE(Main & Advance)/ NEET-2018(For 10th Appeared /Passed Students)

Admission Procedure: Entrance Test consists of objective type questions in Science and Maths from X class syllabus (of CBSE/UP/ICSE board).
Eligibility: X appeared/passed
Board Instruction: Separate batches for CBSE/ICSE and UP Board students.
Course Duration: 2 years
Study Medium: Hindi/English

One Year Target Course for IIT-JEE(Main & Advance)/ NEET-2017(For 12th Appeared/Passed Students)

Admission Procedure: Admission is based on written/interview test as per the following schedule
phase 1: Just after CBSE, ISC & UP Board exam.
Phase 2: Just after declaration of IIT-JEE /NEET entrance exam results.
Eligibility: To appear in entrance test*, student must have minimum 60% marks in XII (for XII passed) / 50% marks in X for XII appearing
Course Duration: 10 - 12 Months
Medium: Hindi / English

Best Coaching Achiever's Award By Dainik Jagran (I-Next)


  • Well planned methods of teaching and a highly competitive environment.
  • Small Batch size to facilitate easy students-faculty interaction.
  • The courses will be completed to the best satisfaction of the students and well in time. Sufficient time has been slotted for making revisions, conduction of tests and doubt solving sessions.
  • Highly Experienced faculty with expertise in material preparation.
  • Adequate library facility for reading will be provided to the students so that they can consult books whenever necessary.
  • The test papers will be designed exactly on the pattern of different Engg, / Medical entrance exams so as to give exact feel of the competitive examination pattern to the students.
  • Parent teacher interaction is given due importance to exercise proper guidance.
  • Regular tests and discussion will be there so as to clarify doubt left in the mind of the students.
  • Regular feedback from students is taken to provide them a better level of satisfaction.
  • Separate tutorial classes on topics which haven't been covered in competitive but are included in the board exam.